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Amain Gymnastics is family owned and operated - we specialise in Women's & Men's Artistic Gymnastics, Acrobatic Gymnastics, Fitter for Life and Team Gym.
From 4 years of age to 94, we have something for everyone.

Conveniently located in Brendale QLD, with plenty of off street parking, come in for your free trial lesson and join the Amain Family. 

Artistic Gymnastics

We provide Men's and Women's Artistic Gymnastics in both competitive and recreational classes. MAG and WAG classes begin from the age of four and cater for all levels of experience and abilities.

Artistic Gymnastics is the most popular discipline of gymnastics. MAG and WAG are individual sports and include the learning of skills and routines on several different apparatuses. To find out more about Artistic Gymnastics and the classes we offer, click "Find Out More" below!

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Acrobatic Gymnastics

We provide Acrobatic Gymnastics for both boys and girls of all ages and experience levels. Our Acrobatic Gymnastics classes start from the age of 6 years old and cater for all levels both competitively and recreational.

Acrobatic Gymnastics is a team sport with groups of 2 or 3 athletes.  It teaches team work, communication techniques, perseverance and accepting challenges.  Find out more below!

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Team Gym

We offer Team Gym classes for all ages, genders, abilities and levels! 

Team Gym is an exciting team sport in which groups of six or more people, of any age or gender, learn skills and compete within several gymnastics’ disciplines. Team Gym included skills within floor, tumble, mini trampoline, and acrobatic gymnastics – all tied together into one exciting sport. To find out more about Team Gym and the classes we offer, click "Find Out More" below!

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Fitter For Life

We provide Fitter for Life classes for over 50's. These classes are offered both at our Brendale campus and also in the Dayboro Community Hall.

Fitter for Life is a fantastic program, with the goal being to focus and improve mobility, strength, balance, coordination and flexibility in a way that is social and fun for those involved. These classes are specifically programmed and designed for those aged 50+. To find out more about Fitter For Life, click "Find Out More" below!

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