Team Gym

For all people of all ages and ability levels

What is Team Gym?

Team Gym is a combination of Artistic gymnastics, Acrobatic gymnastics, tumbling and trampolining. Team Gym is a super fun team sport that gives you a taste of a little bit of everything. Teams are made up of 6 or more people of ANY age and ANY ability. Teams learn 3 routines - floor, single mini and a tumbling. 

The floor routine is much like that of an Acro routine, made up of both partner and individual skills, all tied together by a dance to music.

The single mini routine consists of a short run up to a mini tramp, followed by a thick mat. Two mini tramps are placed side by side, and the aim of this routine is for each member of the group to run up and do 4 of their best tricks off the mini tramp onto the mats, two of which are done in sync with a partner and two done individually. 

The tumbling routine is composed of skills performed in a row by each member of the team in succession. Each gymnasts performs two of their best tumbles. 

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